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Back by popular demand: farm stand to open in late June!
This season we are open for two days: Tuesdays 3-6 and Saturdays 9-12.
Buttonwoods Community Center.

The Farm Stand will open in June in the cafeteria of Kent Hospital
We'll be there until Oct. 31.

Farmer Steve Stycos harvested a bumper crop of just about everything last Friday-the most he's had all summer! Eggplant, squash, tomatoes, salad greens, beans......

Fraser Orchard in Coventry is currently supplying white peaches and Pristine apples. 
No luck yet locating an inexpensive supply of corn........... 

Beekeeper Jason says the community garden bees aren't producing enough honey to sell, but rumor has it there's another local supplier...

Fortunately, The hens are producing eggs-but almost not enough to keep up with Farm Stand customer demand. This has been a very popular item. Guess peeps (no pun intended) prefer eggs that actually taste like eggs!

A veggie omelet sounds good right about now.

Westbay Community Garden at Barton Farm
The Westbay Community Garden grows fresh produce on a three-acre section of the former Barton Dairy Farm, now owned by the City of Warwick.The garden is not certified organic, but operates with organic practices.

Produce grown at the farm helps feed approximately 3,000 households per growing season. Food Services & Farm Director Larry Coughlin, estimates he grows about 10,000 pounds of produce per growing season.

The  2010 farm season has been the most industrious since we started our garden using hand tools, hardwork and a big learning curve.

We joined a study with USDA to see how much hoop houses can prolong the growing season. The hoop house will go up sometime in October.

This year we also started raspberry and blackberry bushes, which should start producing fruit next year. We have an extra acre of land that we plan to cultivate for pumpkins and fruit trees.

We also have flowers, grown offsite for now: brown eye susan, queen anne lace, blanket flower, echinacea, phlox, coriopsis, pin cushion and asters. 

The Master Gardeners have joined us for their 'Harvests from the Heart' program which helps us expand our educational goals of organic, sustainable growing and nutrition. We've already had two events where people planted tomato or pepper plants in containers, and we hosted a field trip for the local Y.

A beekeeper has joined forces with us to promote a safe and productive space for the all important bee, without whom we practically wouldn't be able to grow a thing! They are natural pollinators, along with birds and other insects. They also produce sweet, golden honey, which we will sell at out farm stand.

Under a long-term use agreement, the farm supplies fresh vegetables to the Westbay Marketplace, which feeds families in crisis, and to the Senior Dining program. The farm also sells surplus produce at its farm stand.

Farm Stand
Produce grown at the three-acre farm is sold at the weekly farm stand now located at Buttonwoods Community Center. The farm adds new vegetables every year. In 2010 we've added rhubarb

The Westbay Farm Stand sells its fresh produce every Saturday, July 10 through October 30, at 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. 

Fresh picked, pesticide-free veggies, fresh pulled honey, organic eggs and flowers are available.

Volunteers are always needed at the farm and farm stand.

To view farm stand photos, click on farm summer 012.jpg farm summer 028.jpg farm summer 017.jpg

Westbay Farm’s List of Produce
• Beans-pole, green
• Cabbage-green, purple
• Carrots
• Eggplant-white, purple
• Herbs-various
• Lettuce
• Onions
• Pumpkins-sugar
• Rhubarb
Squash-acorn, hubbard and other varieties
Swiss chard
Tomatoes-several varieties

For more information, to volunteer or to become a vendor at the farm stand (eventual Farmers Market), please call or email Coordinator Liz Kelley at 401-732-4666x113 or

Once 'on board' all volunteers must register with our volunteer coordinator.


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