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Free College Opportunity

The dream of a higher education can often feel out of reach or too high priced. Oftentimes, despite the desire to prepare for a better future, reach new goals, feel inspired and change the course of life, people are met with challenges that outweigh opportunities.

Perhaps one wants to qualify for a promotion, finish a degree, enrich life through learning – or change the trajectory for a youth growing up with less favorable higher educational outcomes.

Whatever the motivation, a quality education can be the catalyst to help improve the future. That’s why Westbay Community Action has partnered with Eastern Gateway Community College and the Student Resource Center (SRC), to help offer an opportunity for people to earn an associate degree, bachelor’s degree or professional certificate enabling entrance into a trade or specified business level profession with the qualifications needed to start with education.

The Free College Program offers a life-changing opportunity for qualified applicants to earn an associate degree, bachelor’s degree or short-term certification so they can enter the job market sooner. A certificate can showcase one’s abilities and help one earn more money.

The Free College benefit covers the cost of tuition, fees and books after any PELL or other federal grant or other employer reimbursement is applied. The remaining amount will be cleared with the Free College Scholarship. The Free College Team will work with interested High School graduates/GED recipients to complete applications for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and apply any Pell grants or state grants to their tuition, ensuring, once approved, students will have no “out of pocket” costs for the “Free College” tuition, fees, or books, after any federal, state, or employer grants reimbursements are applied. 

This opportunity is available to Westbay employees and their families, as well as Westbay participants/clients and their families as well!  Click for more information and/or to enroll today!