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Westbay Marketplace Food

The Westbay Marketplace is the third largest food pantry in RI.


Contact Intake Services to see if you are eligible for Marketplace services.

Programs and Services

Shelf of canned goods at the Marketplace.

Canned goods at the Marketplace.

Emergency Food

The Emergency Food Program provides three days of food to clients, based on household size. Clients may choose their foods based on dietary restrictions or personal preferences. A nutritional point system is used to ensure a balanced and nutritious diet.

USDA Commodities

USDA Commodities is a federal program providing food staples once per month. Typical food items are pasta, rice, canned fish, and soup. There is no choice of food items. Food amounts are based on household size.


If you can donate, Westbay Marketplace has a wish list of seasonal and everyday food items in high demand.